In addition to asphalt, concrete is frequently used material in road building, Concrete roods consists of different sections with expansion joints. A stable watertight road surface requires a high quality sealant.

  • Cold applied, No heating required
  • High movement Accommodation
  • Excellent work ability, Easy to use.
  • High performance
    Fuel, Oil and Hydraulic Fluid Resistance
  • Specific gravity

Curing Compounds

Curing is essential for the hydration of cement in concrete making so, to maintain required moisture content, come precautions are applied. Concrete curing compound is a compound which helps to prevent the loss of moisture content from the concrete. So, concrete is properly cured which results the full development of cured which results the development of strength of concrete.


An admixture is a material other than water, aggregates or cement which is used as an ingredient of concrete or morter to control setting and early harding, workablity or to provide additional quality to concrete

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